Millennium Challenge Corporation Science & Technology Fellowship
building knowledge, advancing development

How to Apply

Applications are now closed but will reopen in 2013.

Upload to the website a single Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) document that includes the following items:

  1. Personal statement (1-2 pages) expressing your interest in the fellowship and how your expertise could be deployed to address critical challenges or opportunities in global development, which also demonstrating your skills in writing, critical thinking, analysis and synthesis of ideas/information. We encourage you to review the project sample and address how you might use your expertise in relations to one or more samples of your choice. Please see the sample projects page on our website.
  2. Resume (1-2 pages), including employment listed in month/year format (e.g. August 2005-July 2008), job title, job duties/accomplishments and name of employing organization for each position. Education should include academic degrees received. If the degree has not yet been earned, list the anticipated graduation date.
  3. Three professional or academic references, including name, mailing address, phone number and email address for each.

For questions, please email

How You Will Be Evaluated

  • External review of all applicants by subject matter expert teams who will rate applicants according to guidelines provided by MCC
  • The selection committee will review top candidates and produce a final short list for interviews in-person or by video
  • The short list will be ranked according to the interview results and submitted to MCC for selection of 1-2 finalists and alternates


  • U.S. citizenship required (dual citizenship from the U.S. and another country is acceptable)
  • Ability to pass necessary security clearances
  • Hold an advanced degree in any of the following:
    • Social and Behavioral sciences
    • Medical and Health sciences
    • Engineering disciplines
    • Biological, Physical or Earth sciences
    • Computational sciences and Mathematics
  • Willingness to travel internationally on an as needed basis.

Frequently asked questions

For additional questions, please email

  • Was this Science & Technology Fellowship once called the Millennium Challenge Corporation Innovation Fellowship?
    Yes, the name was changed on November 19, 2012 for clarity purposes. The premise of the fellowship has not changed, just the name.
  • Who should apply?
    Anyone who has an advanced degree and technical expertise in social and physical sciences, supply chain or other business management, medicine, engineering and other relevant disciplines is invited to apply.
  • How long is the fellowship?
    The first 2013 fellowship beginning January 2013 will be 6 months with the possibility of an additional 6 months extension. Applicants should indicate their preference (6, 9 or 12 months) on their application.
  • Who will I report to?
    Fellows will report to MCC project directors. Specific reporting assignments will vary based on Fellows’ project(s). Additionally, the fellows will report to the Innovation Fellowship Director at ASU.
  • Where will I be working?
    Fellows work primarily at MCC headquarters in Washington, D.C., but must be ready for travel as needed to MCC partner countries.
  • What will my assignment be?
    Each Fellow’s assignment will be based on the match between his/her expertise and MCC needs. Examples of potentials projects can be found here.
  • Do I have to have a doctorate to apply?
    A doctorate is not necessary, but you must have at least a Masters degree in a relevant field. Doctoral candidates and those with PhDs are particularly encouraged to apply.
  • Do I have to be a scientist?
    No, you do not have to be a scientist. However, those with scientific experience are encouraged to apply.
  • What if I am not an academic?
    We welcome applications from people working in industry, government, for non-profits etc. You do not need to be an academic to become a Fellow.
  • Will I be doing research?
    Some Science & Technology Fellows’ projects will include research and some will draw specifically on current knowledge of the state of the art in industry of academia. Not all projects will involve research. Examples of potentials projects can be found here.
  • Can I write and publish about what I learn as an Science & Technology Fellow?
    Yes. Fellows will be asked, however, to sign a non-disclosure agreement with MCC and any work you generate based on your knowledge of MCC must be cleared with MCC ahead of time. All publications must be in keeping with the terms of the fellowship agreement and MCC non-disclosure.
  • How many Science & Technology Fellows will be selected?
    One to two fellows will be selected from each round of applications.
  • Is there an orientation?
    Yes, orientation will be tailored to prepare the selected fellows for their work within MCC.
  • How will my mentor be selected?
    Mentors will be selected based on individual fellow’s interests and goals for the fellowship. Mentors may come from academia, corporations or other entities within the larger development community. Please indicate your preference in your application.
  • How much travel is involved?
    International travel will be dependent on the project(s) assigned. Zero to six international trips can be expected.